How it started

In 2009, our Founder, Kenny Hoang, photoshopped a photo of Bruce Lee with Stunna Shades on a shirt. People bought. That was his first e-commerce sale as a 16 year old kid.

Several months later Bruce Lee’s Lawyers shut down his T-shirt Business down. Kenny didn’t know about copyright laws back then. He just wanted to rep Bruce Lee.

How It's Going

Today Combatant honors owners and operators by growing their e-commerce, info-product and NFT-native brands.

We specialize in
Building from $0 to $100,000
Scaling from $100,000 to $5M.

$25M in revenue generated across partners

How It's Going to Go

Become the go-to Growth Partner with brands that impact culture.

$200M in revenue generated across partners by 2024.

Why We're Doing It

To Funnel Money and partner with organizations addressing World Challenges. 

• Peak Oil Crisis. Oil is running out may lead to collapse of modern infrastructure.

• Health Epidemic. Vegetable Oils leads to. Inflammation. Inflammation leads to Chronic Disease. Chronic Disease leads to Premature Death.

• Restructuring of Education from an out-dated Industrial Curriculum to dynamic education that keeps up with technology.

We save a portion of our revenue each year to contribute to one or more of these social issues. Each year we publish our contributions and celebrate the win.

Every partner that joins us is helping contribute to solve these systemic challenges.

Growth Squad


Combatant is built from a squad of Growth Assassins:

Marketing Strategists
Paid Media Buyers
Web Developers

The team doubles as security because they’re always carrying Lethal Weapons.

I'm a kid from Los Angeles who pursues of ambitions of becoming his best self and contributing to solving the world's most challenging problems. —Kenny

Kenny Hoang

Founder and Ad Man,

Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt under Rener and Ryron Gracie, Black Belt Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master Vo.

I'm not going to brag about myself but I've driven over half a billion dollars in Crowdfunding Sales. —Kenny (pretending to be Wes)

Wes C.

Advisor, Campaigns for Floyd Mayweather, Georges St-Pierre

I'm gangster at design. I've designed for fortune 500 brands like TiVo and Ashley Furniture. —Kenny (pretending to be Tom)

Tom H.

Director of Design

From $100M brands to influential public figures. I have created content for some of your favorite brands, and have a passion for story telling in the highest quality.

Alex F.

Chief of Video

From working with corporate companies to working in the apparel industry for years designing graphic t-shirts, I have decades of design experience. Now I'm going all in on passion projects starting with documenting the intimate stories of Muay Thai and MMA Fighters at @FightLoreOfficial. —Kenny (pretending to be Pritesh)

Pritesh C.

Chief Creative & Advisor,

Partner Mentions