How it started

In 2009, our Founder, Kenny Hoang, photoshopped a photo of Bruce Lee with Stunna Shades on a shirt. People bought. That was his first e-commerce sale as a teenage kid.

Several months later Bruce Lee’s Lawyers shut down his T-shirt Business down. Kenny didn’t know about copyright laws back then. He just wanted to rep Bruce Lee.

How It's Going

Fast forward over a decade later, Kenny built up a marketing skill set in e-commerce spending over $15M in ad spend for brands ranging from Consumable Goods to Apparel and Electronic Goods to Furniture.

It was full circle when he helped the Gracies, the legendary Jiu-Jitsu family, grow their Apparel Brand by 366% Year-over-Year for 2 year. 

Combatant was formed and today exists to help owners and operators grow their Ecommerce brands to sustainable $1M-$15M years.

How It's Going to Go

Combatant is driven to becoming an industry leader in Ecommerce. We’ll do this by being a Dynamic Growth Partner that reliably scales consumer-product Ecommerce Brands to $10M-$30M/year by 2025.

With 10+ brands that have hit this benchmark in our portfolio. This means innovating ahead of the crowd.

Growth Squad


Combatant is built from a squad of Growth Assassins:

Marketing Strategists
Paid Media Buyers
Web Developers

All aimed towards the mission of growing Ecommerce brands to sustainable $1M-$15M years.

From working with corporate companies to working in the apparel industry for years designing graphic t-shirts, I have decades of design experience. Now I'm going all in on passion projects starting with documenting the intimate stories of Muay Thai and MMA Fighters at @FightLoreOfficial. —Kenny (pretending to be Pritesh)

Pritesh C.

Chief Creative & Advisor,

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