Zodiac: From 2,000 Discord Members to 9,300 in 2 Months Through Full Growth Execution

From 2,000 Discord Members to 9,300+ Discord Members in 2 months through Full Service Growth.


Zodiac by MetaMuseum saw a growth of 7,300 members in 2 months.
This was accomplished through Combatant’s Full Service Growth. Including, campaign strategy, research and copywriting, Facebook & Instagram ads, and creative production.


Discord Members in 2 months.


Campaigns launched and tested.

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Zodiac by MetaMuseum's Story

Zodiac by MetaMuseum’s mission to to establish Travel and Tourism in the Metaverse.

Zodiac aims to do this by being the first Fully Interactive 3D NFT inspired by Astrology with a long-term mission to let supporters co-own MetaMuseum and Meta Auction House. 

Here’s the Roadmap in progress:

• Minting for 9,324 high-end 3D Zodiacs 
• Unveil a 3D Gallery to view your Zodiac
• Open MetaMuseum. Museum of 3D Art
• Open a 3D Gallery Experience in Las Vegas
• Open MetaAuctionHouse: OpenSea of 3D Art
• Share of upside distributed to owners (mechanism in progress)

MetaMuseum will be the the hub of 3D Art where you’ll be able to view, listen, walk around your art through augmented and virtual reality.

Meta Auction House will be the Premiere auction house in the metaverse. The OpenSea of 3D Art.

Zodiac by MetaMuseum’s Goal

Led by serial entrepreneur, Robert Nava, the vision was to increase the number of Discord Members using a limited advertising budget. The challenge was to generate new Discord Members that were qualified and had high intent to engage in the community and ultimately “mint” an NFT upon launch.

Zodiac’s Solution

Combatant developed a 3-Phase Strategy for the promotion of Zodiac.

  1. Test Facebook and Instagram Ads Platform with rapid-testing.
    • Created 50+ Unique Ads
    • Launched 45+ Facebook campaigns.
    • Campaigns Testing Objectives at the Campaign Level (Post Page Engagement, Conversion, Video Views)
    • Testing Optimization at the Ad Set Level
      • Discord Clicks
      • Web Page Views
      • Sending people directly to website
      • Sending people directly to discord link and then them having to navigate to the #officiallinks channel to get to the website to fire the page view event.
      • Open Sea Clicks,
      • Call Clicks
      • Purchase
    • Testing Audiences
    • Funnel Tests
      • Duplicating home page to test discord opt-in rate
      • To Discord link directly
      • To Gleam Campaigns
      • To Link Tree
    • Segmenting between Discord link on Link Tree Segmenting between Homepage > Discord link on Link Tree
    • Reformatted Discord Channels so Road map to be “above the fold” to increase quality of Discord Signups coming from Facebook Ads.
    • Driving more eyeballs to website which lead to more qualified Discord Members.

2. Test Discord Bot Marketing

  • (In Progress)

3. Test Twitter Marketing

  • (In Progress)
To monitor campaign performance a dashboard was created to tie campaigns to Discord Sign Ups using unique discord links
The Result

Through Campaign Strategy, Deep Customer Research, Copywriting, Facebook & Instagram Ad Management, and Creative Production — Combatant was able to…

  • Go from 2,000 Discord Members to 9,300+ Discord Members in 2 months.
  • Launch 50+ Campaigns through rapid-testing.

Since then, we’re continuing executing a marketing experiments in various channels including Discord Bot Messaging, Twitter and TikTok Ads. 

This is all great. I went through it all and awesome job.

Robert Nava, Zodiac Chief Officer

Zodiac’s mastermind on Combatant’s strategic planning.

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© 2022, Combatant LLC. Just people who want to do good by other people and enjoy life by getting dessert.

© 2022, Combatant LLC. Just people who want to do good by other people and enjoy life by getting dessert.

© 2022, Combatant LLC. Just people who want to do good by other people and enjoy life by getting dessert.