Quikflip Apparel

182% Revenue Growth Year-over-Year over 2 years.


Quikflip Apparel had a lean team with success from Shark Tank in 2019. They needed to mature their customer acquisition strategy which was done in-house. Quikflip saw an increased 182% weighted revenue growth Year-Over-Year the past 2 years. 

This was accomplished through campaign strategy, Facebook & Instagram creative iteration, tech-stack strategy. 


weighted revenue growth Year-over-Year in a 2 year period.

Quikflip Apparel’s Solution

1.  Full funnel strategy to nurture prospects at each stage of the funnel with a Retention campaign to nurture existing customers with non-promotional, branded, lifestyle, and engaging content.

2. Tech Strategy Insights which led to the Quikflip Apparel team integrating to lead to added AOV and LTV.

  • One Click Upsell (to increase AOV)
  • Try Before You Buy Program (to add another subset of buyers)
  • Klayvio (to increase % of email revenue)

Previous Wins:

  • Introduction of Lead Generation campaign to nurture prospects for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. On the new leads alone, we were able to capture a prospect’s email and on average a user was upsold to make a purchase right away with a 2.16 ROAS.