Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz and Team Cruz recovered from stagnant MMA course sales to Sustainable 5 Figure Months


Dominick Cruz and Team Cruz faced the challenge of diminishing returns in course sales from selling to an Instagram audience that was burnt out.

By expanding course sales with a low-barrier to entry offer, Dominick Cruz was able to develop a New Product Offer, reaching new customers, and recovering sales to Sustain 5 Figure Months.  

5 Figure

in monthly revenue with an evergreen campaign using Facebook and Instagram Ads.


new customers from around the world.

Dominick Cruz’s Story

Dominick Cruz is a 2-time UFC Bantamweight Champion and was also the final bantamweight titleholder of World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC). He’s known for his unorthodox style with a base in wrestling and fast strikes and elusive defense. Dominick is also well respected as an analyst for ESPN and commentator for the UFC where we’ll prepare with immense research of each fighter and add his layers of insights when people fight.

During the rise of COVID in 2020 with thousands of gyms closed around the world, Dominick released a free Solo Drills Footwork course. He wanted to equip people at home the same drills he uses to drill when people were locked down. The same drills in his training that’s helped him become a Champion. 

Dominick Cruz’s Goal

Dominick Cruz and Team Cruz faced the challenge of diminishing returns in course sales from selling to an Instagram audience that was burnt out. 

Dominick wanted to prioritize his training over everything while keeping sales going to support himself and his team with another stream of income. The balance was to be minimally involved so he can focus on what he’s the best in the world at: fighting. 


Dominick Cruz’s Solution

Combatant developed a 2-Phase plan to keep sales going in the short-term while crafting an long-term evergreen strategy.   

1. Run a promotion during Black Friday / Cyber Monday. This would inject cash flow in the short term while developing the strategy and execution of a long term sustainable strategy.

2. Transformed Dominick’s Free Solo Footwork Drills into a Low-Barrier to Entry $17 product, developing a $10 “order-bump” where at check-out customers had the option of getting Dominick Cruz’s 30 Day Footwork Plan and adding an Upsell to his MMA Fundamentals course.

This would help by:

  • Generating qualified customer leads for his core courses while developing profit in the front-end.
  • Expanding his knowledge at an affordable price to fans, combat athletes, and martial artist around the world.
  • Nurturing customers who’ve committed their own money and are ideal customers for his core courses: MMA Fundamentals, Feints & Counter Attacks, and Advanced Cage Tactics. 

To position the Solo Footwork Drills course, we did deep customer research by going to community groups and forums like Facebook Groups and Reddit to research the exact pain points and experiences of MMA fighters and combat athletes. We used the exact language that people training use in our copywriting for the positioning and messaging of the product.

Next we developed the wire-frame and design of the landing page that would promote the Course Sales Page.

Finally, we launched Facebook and Instagram Ads to promote the revamped Solo Footworks Drills.

The Result

Through Campaign Strategy, Deep Customer Research & Copywriting, Landing Page Design & Development, — in addition to email marketing from Team Cruz’s internal copywriter — Combatant was able to…

  • Generate an evergreen campaign that produced 5 Figures in monthly revenue using Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Earn 2,091 customers around the world.

"You’re adding money and we're making more. Great job with ads...it’s obviously paying dividends”