Carnivore Aurelius

This 7-Figure Challenger Food Brand saw 3.29x YoY revenue Growth through Data Analytics, Paid Media, and Creative Volume. 


A Regenerative Alternative

To grow a 7-Figure Consumable Food Brand, Combatant mapped out key growth targets based on baseline metrics with strategy to hit those targets.  Combatant performed deep customer analysis to create  researched nuanced-marketing angles. These nuanced-marketing angles were leveraged with originally produced creatives to reach and acquire new customers profitably with greater spend volume.


Measuring Success


year over year revenue growth through data analytics, paid media, creative volume.


decrease in Customer Acqusition Cost year-over-year.


A Regenerative Alternative

Carnivore Aurelius is a Pseudonymous Public Figure that’s boldly challenged the multi-billion-dollar food industry as the “new kid” on the block. Carnivore explains, “There’s been a lot of damaging propaganda about eating meat in the last couple of decades. But the thing you have to remember is, as a species, we have been eating meat for two million years.”

Carnivore Aurelius started as a media company but expanded as a healthy alternative in the Direct-to-Consumer Consumable Goods Industry. Carnivore launched it’s store by selling popular beef liver crisps he describes as the most nutrient-dense food in the world. Later he added to the product line with Steak Crisps sourced from a regenerative farm in 2021.

Carnivore Aurelius’ mission is to prove to people the nutrients that the modern world deprives them of.


Struggling Performance with Current Results

Carnivore Aurelius first connected with our founder, Kenny, when he found out he was a Twitter Follower and saw that he specialized in Ecommerce growth. After talking to one another, Carnivore Aurelius decided to go with another Agency. A couple months later he got back to Kenny saying their Facebook Ads performance was struggling and sought out help. 

After performing an audit the main challenges were:

  1. Having unclear performance metrics defined without a performance dashboard for day-to-day monitoring.
  2. A bottle-neck in not having a systemized process for creative testing and volume. At that time there was an entire month’s gap in testing creative.
  3. Missing out running paid-ads on Black Friday, the biggest retail consumer buying experience of the year.
Carnivore Aurelius as a brand grew organically though its strong base through organic channels on Twitter and Instagram but their Paid Media Department was running on a squeaky wheel. In order to drive more sales volume and increase dollars in the bank, they needed to identify their goal, mature their data analytics and creative system and capitalize on consumer-buying opportunities.

A sample of static graphics utilizing lifestyle and studio photography.
We used an iterative process that led to creating new messaging angles and creatives.

A sample of static graphics utilizing lifestyle and studio photography.
We used an iterative process that led to creating new messaging angles and creatives.


Control & Chaos, Science & Art

The biggest needle mover on any Paid Media channel is creative. This is what we refer to the Chaos of advertising–it takes being able to tap into passion, consumer-pyschology and imagination. 

To create advertising that drove consumers emotionally, we tapped into research already available. All of the reviews that were emailed to the brand, any video testimonials, any Facebook or Instagram comment. All of them were pulled together and converted into a “Hero Analysis” highlighting the most common key phrases and terms praised by customers.

CA - Hero Analysis

Hero Analysis: Deep customer research based off real reviews, feedback, testimonials to be used in marketing messaging.

This then equipped us to create “Infinite” Creative. By taking a single messaging angle and creating multiple variations of it based on creative type (Branded User Generated Content, Headline Static, Street Reaction Video) and multiply that by multiple hooks (First 1-2 seconds of a video). This doesn’t even count iterations.

Example: 12 Messaging Angles x 12 Creative Types x 5 Hooks = 720 Creatives.

We were able to move the needle for their Paid Media channel with volume of creative informed by deep customer research and creative direction.

We then established a baseline for creative performance based on historical data and improved creatives off of that data. From a creative AND numbers-based perspective. Our ecommerce designers and video editors are the fuel for growth to support the creative strategy.

Equally important to not always be about the creative as well as not always be about the numbers. Advertising is art and science. Control & Chaos.

A sample of Originally Produced Videos and  User Generated Content.
We used an iterative process that led to creating new messaging angles and creatives.

As the compliment to art, science is defining performance goals and establishing a data source home base. From working together we were able to identify and crunch important metrics to the brand and intimately know the numbers so Carnivore Aurelius could be confident when investing money on Facebook and Instagram. Success was always tied to the Profit & Loss Statement. 

 A screenshot of our Custom Performance Dashboard  pulling in Facebook, Google and Shopify numbers using Data Analytics Tool Supermetrics. This is what we use everyday to look at the health of our advertising. 

We also identified a 60 Day Life Time Value ROAS Target by recommending and leveraging an Analytics Platform called Nautilus. This helped us overcome iOS 14 update with a discrepancy in data between Facebook’s Dashboard numbers and our Back-end Shopify Numbers. 

Combining what we call, Chaos & Control, aka Art and Science we were able to grow Carnivore Aurelius’s revenue 3.29x Year-Over-Year with a 23.2% Year-Ver-Year lower cost per acquisition. That means we not drove in more revenue, we drove more profit. In other words, more dollars in the bank.


There's No Silver Bullet. But There is a Well-Oiled Machine.

Before Carnivore Aurelius enrolled as a partner he asked our founder, Kenny, why he should work with Combatant. Here’s what Kenny said:

Growth through Paid Media channels is a process. Running paid media takes testing, a volume of inputs and patience. We can’t offer you a secret facebook strategy that will change everything over night because it’s more than just Facebook to operate a long lasting ecommerce brand.

But we can offer world class strategy and media buying attention so you’re getting the best for the dollars you’re spending so you can free up their time addressing the levers in your business you know best: Vision, Brand, Product, Logistics, Wholesale. 

Though there’s no silver bullet, there is a well-oiled machine. We can’t guarantee outcomes but we can guarantee the process that’s reliably scaled brands to $1M to $15M in yearly revenue. 

To see how Combatant can help you fill out this form and we can perform an audit to identify immediate quick-wins as well as strategic wins for your brand. If there’s a fit, we’ll invite you to inquire about our next opening and get on the wait-list.

A sample of static graphics utilizing lifestyle and studio photography. We used an iterative process that led to creating new messaging angles and creatives.