These Brand Wins and case studies are not typical. Before we started our Growth Firm, we worked within Agencies serving Enterprise Fortune 500 companies, deep-pocketed holding companies and bootstrapped 7 and 8 Figure Brands. What we learned was most of them churned as clients within 6 months. The agency promised but could not deliver.

Since then we’ve been building to be the anti-thesis of a “churn and burn” agency. We’ve worked hard to foster an average client retention of over 36 months and counting. That’s only possible as a result of being highly selective with who we partner with.

Know that our brand partners have gotten phenomenal results as a compounding effect of fostering strong communities over a long period of time, relentless execution, strategic decision making and a dash of luck.

For every brand that is winning, we turn down a dozen brands because we believe there’s not alignment or we wouldn’t be able to deliver a win without major changes to the business. If we can’t do it, we’ll be honest. Growth is hard. Democratized technology and ad platforms have made it easier to start brands but as a result it’s made it harder to thrive yet alone survive.

It takes more than a good brand and good growth partner to win. It takes a great brand, a great growth partner and uncommon inputs to create uncommon outcomes.